Follow the steps below to enable support for the new Cost and Usage report from AWS with CloudForecast. There are two steps to this process, 1) Enable CUR file and 2) Enable Tags. Both settings are in your Billing Dashboards. The following should take you less than 2 minutes to setup. 

Enable Cost and Usage Report in Billing Dashboard. 

  1. Click the following link to log in and navigate directly to My Billing Dashboard in your AWS Console:
  2. On the left menu bar, Cost and Usage Reports and click the Create Report button
  3. In the Create report wizard, type in a report name, and ensure the options under Additional report details and Data refresh settings are both selected.
  4. Click Next to reach Step 2 of the wizard, Delivery Options.
  5. Click on configure and create a new S3 bucket. Ensure this is an unique name. 
    • Are you an existing CloudForecast user looking to update to new CUR file format? You can select an existing bucket that you used to setup CloudForecast. You can reference which bucket you used within CloudForecast. Click Settings on the top menu bar -> AWS Credentials -> AWS Bucket field. You can also email us and we'll tell you which Bucket was used.  
  6. After you have completed step 5, click next and the wizard will prompt you with a policy and permissions to write the CUR files to your S3 bucket you selected. 
  7. Select, I have confirmed that this policy is correct checkbox and click Save. You should now be prompted back to Step 2 Delivery Options wizard.
  8.  There are two options for Report path prefix depending on your preference:
    1. If left blank, you'll use the default prefix: /report-name/date-range/

    2. If not left blank, you'll be creating a new folder to store your CUR files: folder name/report-name/

  9. For Time granularity, select Hourly. For Report versioning, select either/or options based on preference. 

  10. Leave Enable report data integration for blank. Your delivery option should look similar to below: 

  11. Press Next to reach Step 3 of the wizard

  12. After reviewing Report Content and Delivery Options in Step 3, highlight and copy Report path prefix under Delivery Options and paste into a text doc. 

  13. Press Review and Complete to finish this process.

  14. Take the copied Report path prefix and enter it in your CloudForecast dashboard under Settings -> AWS Credentials -> Prefix. Press Save

Enable Cost allocation tags - Enabling this allow us to report on cost associated with tags. 

  1. Navigate back to My Billing Dashboard by clicking here:
  2. Click on Cost allocation tags on the left navigation bar. 
  3. Under User-Defined Cost Allocation Tags, select all the tags in the table by checking on the first box. Ensure all the tags you have selected are all checked on: 
  4. Press the Activate button to finish the process.