The Overall Charges dashboard is a high level overview of all your charges from your AWS account. You will be able to get more information around your cost visualized with line graphs, bar graphs and pie charts and drill down further to get better insights into your cost. In addition, you can apply filters such as, date (month, year and date), sub-account, or product to focus your dashboard further. 

Here are the graphs/charts provided for you in this dashboard: 

  • Charges: Overall AWS cost. 
  • Credits: Credits used. 
  • Charges by Day, line graph: SubAccount -> ReservedInstance -> ProductName -> AZ -> Operation
  • Charges by Sub Account in a bar graph: SubAccount -> ProductName -> AZ -> Operation -> ItemDescription
  • Charges by Sub Accounts in a pie chart.
  • Charges by Reserved Instances in a pie chart. 
  • Charges: By Resources in a bar graph.

To interact and drill down into any of these graphs and charts, hover over the graph until a hand pops up and left click. You will be presented with a menu to drill down further into the graph you are interacting with. 

Example: For the Charges by Day visualized in a line graph, your first layer is SubAccount. From SubAccount, you can drill down further into Reserved Instances. From RI's, you can drill down into ProductName, then to AZ and finally the last layer would be Operations.