Our PagerDuty integration provides another way for our daily cost reports to be sent to your team. 

For every additional cost report you build in the dashboard, you can have it setup to page your team if it's a Cloudy or Stormy report from your AWS cost reports sent by us. 

In order to get access to our integration's, you'll need to sign up for CloudForecast and complete our Getting Started guide. 

Click on Reports in the left navigation bar in the dashboard. 

  1. Under the Integrations column, click on # active for the report you want to setup PagerDuty notifications for.  Keep this tab open. 
  2. Login to your PagerDuty account: https://app.pagerduty.com/
  3. Hover over Configuration and then select Services
  4. In Services, you can either use an existing service you have already setup or create a +new service.
  5. If you plan on using an existing service, under the Service column, click on the link you want to use. 
  6. Click green button that says +New Integration
  7. In the Integration Name field, input CloudForecast. 
  8. In the radial buttons below, select Use our API directly. Ensure Events API v2 is selected in the dropdown:  
  9. Copy the new Integration Key associated with CloudForecast
  10. Go back to the CloudForecast tab and paste in the Integration Key from PagerDuty
  11. Select the Frequency you would like to have the alerts. 
  12. Press save. 
  13. Success! 

CloudForecast will send a page based on the frequency you selected and after you receive your default cost report via email.