Setup CloudOutage to only notify you of service alerts based on your AWS account! 

The following should take less than 5 minutes to setup:

  1. Click this link to go to CloudWatch and Log in:
  2. On the left hand navigation bar under Events, click Rules, and Create Rule Button
  3. Under the Service Name dropdowntype in and select Health
  4. Under Targets on the right hand side, press the Add target button 
  5. The dropdown should say "Lambda Function". Type in Event bus in another AWS account in place of that and have that selected. Under Account ID, Input: 177423693719
  6. Press the blue Configure details button on the bottom right side. 
  7. Enter in CloudOutage in Name and press the blue Create rule button. 
  8. Get your Account ID by clicking on your account name drop down on on the top navigation bar, and My Account. You will see Account ID under Account Settings.  
  9. Copy the Account ID and go back to slack and type in /cloudoutage and press configure. Paste in the Account ID into the AWS Account ID fieldPress Save. 

If you have any follow up questions, email us at