With our Custom Reports Tool, you will be able to send out multiple custom Daily Cost Reports to different recipients with tags and sub accounts dimensions. If you have a team member that is responsible for a specific tag or sub-account, you can build out a custom Daily Cost Report that only shows the tags or sub account they are responsible for. 

To create your first Custom Report, navigate to Reports on the left navigation bar and click on "New Report" button. From there, you'll be led into the Report Configuration area to customize the report that can be sent out to a different recipient:

  • Report Name: Type in an unique name to identify this custom daily cost report. 
  • Report Recipient Email: Enter an email where this daily cost report will go to. 
  • Daily and Category Configuration: Adjust thresholds percentages for Daily and Category Configuration. Read more about Daily and Category configuration here: Report Configuration.
  • Filters (AWS Sub Accounts & Tags): Include specific sub-accounts or tags in the daily cost report. 

Press Save to save the report and settings. The recipient should receive their first custom cost email within 24 hours. 

Note: The Custom Reports Tool is only available for our Growth and Enterprise subscribers. Growth subscribers can create up to 5 custom reports. Enterprise subscribers have access to create unlimited custom reports.