How does free trial work? 

We provide a risk free 7 or 30 free trial for all new sign ups. A credit card is optional to start your free trial!

Our 7 day free trials are for new sign ups that do not wish to enter in their Credit Card during the setup process. After your 7 day free trial, you will be required to enter in your Credit Card information to continue receiving the daily email report. 

To receive a full 30 day free trial, a Credit Card is needed upon sign up. Our system will notify you via email when your Free Trial is close to expiring. After your free trial is over, the credit card on file will be charged to ensure continuation of services.

How does your billing work?

We charge on a recurring monthly basis for a low flat rate of $99/month for our Hacker plan and $199 for our Growth Plan . Example: If your Free Trial ended on the 15th, you can expect a recurring subscription charge every 30 days to your Credit Card. 

Why is my report delayed every first of the month?

We process all your billing files as soon as the billing file is available in S3. We send the reports based on AWS making the cost file available to us. We find that for all our cost files on 1st of the month from AWS are always delayed and made available a few days later. 

What is the difference between the Hacker Plan and Growth Plan?

The main difference between the Hacker and Growth Plan is access to our Custom Report Tool to build custom AWS Cost Reports. With the Growth Plan, you will get access to the Custom Report Tool and the ability to build up to five custom AWS Cost Reports. 

How do I upgrade from Hacker to Growth Plan?

Email us to upgrade your account. 

What happens if I need more than five custom AWS Cost Reports for my organization?

Contact us! We can provide  a-la-carte pricing for additional custom AWS Cost Reports. 

How do I cancel my account? 

We'd hate to see you go! Before you cancel your subscription, please write into We'd love to hear from you on how we can improve our product. You can cancel your subscription anytime under "Profile" in the Dashboard. Your account will still be live until the next billing date and your Credit Card will not be charged. 

I need help! How do I reach someone for help? 

You can reach us at

What cloud services do you integrate with?

We currently integrate and report on Amazon Web Services. Reach out to us if you have any feedback on other cloud services we should report on. 

I just setup my account! When can I expect the first report?

You should receive a report in about 24 hours! Reach out to us if you do not receive your first email report within that time frame. 

Can you backfill historical data from my Amazon Web Services?

Yes! If you have more than 30 days worth of data in your AWS account, your report will be filled with historical data from your account. 

Can you help me configure my cloud services to work with CloudForecast?

Yes! We provide additional services to help you integrate your cloud services with CloudForecast for an additional one time setup fee. Reach out to us for pricing information and further details: